My Top Games of 2018

So with 2018 drawing to a close, I thought I would take the time to go through the top 10 games I have played, for the first time, over the past year; with that in mind, the only caveat I will state now is that not all these are games released in 2018, although the majority will be, just games I have played for the first time this year … Continue reading

Century: Eastern Wonders

2018-06-07 11.48.01

So, having managed to obtain one of the early release copies of Century: Eastern Wonders, I have now had a few playthroughs with varying numbers of players and so far I have enjoyed all of them. Continue reading

Recent Acquisitions Q1 2018

So far, the year for me has been off to a relatively slow start in terms of both table time and acquisitions. Getting in gaming time among family commitments during the holiday period and New Year is always difficult, so when the opportunity arises I tend to go for the games with a shorter playtime.  With this in mind, there have been a few games that I have really enjoyed with some easy to pick up rules and have taken me by surprise in terms of the amount of strategy involved. Continue reading

Digital Boardgames (Android)

As the popularity of board games increases so does the number of digital adaptations.  I have found there are some mixed views on these, however overall the opinions seem quite favourable.  Personally, I find them invaluable when travelling and allow me to play some of my favourite board games without having to pack large boxes. With this in mind, I thought I’d take a look at a few of my favourites.  Please note, these are digital versions of games I am looking at and not companion apps. Continue reading

Two-Player Games

The vast majority of tabletop and board games are for two or more players, although not all of them work well with two players and some will add a third ‘ghost’/AI player to try to help the gameplay along.  However, here I am going to look at some Two-Player Only games; no more, no less … from personal experience, I have found that the games that are designed specifically for two players provide a much better experience that 2+ player games as the mechanics for the 3+ players, don’t always scale down very well.

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International Tabletop Day

This Saturday, 29th April 2017, is International Tabletop Day; a day to celebrate the world of Tabletop Gaming, created by the wonderful people at Geek & Sundry.  On this day you will find various events being organised around the world, whether they be at your nearest FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store), at one of the many Board Game Cafes popping up around the country or even at a friend’s home; as if we need a reason to get together and play games …

Well, this year, Geek & Sundry are one question:

Change Your Life
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